HIGH JACK song ‘Kripya Dhyaan De’ fails to make you groove

Today morning started with the release of soulful song ‘Ghar Se Nikal Te Hi’ by Armaan Mallik.
One more song from the film HIGH JACK was released that is ‘Kripya Dhyaan De’, which is a peppy and groovy song which stars Internet heart throb Sumeet Vyas, Mantra wherein they pep up the airplane journey with a kick ass rap.
The lyrics are fun and frolic but will only cater to certain niche listeners. The song is not for everyone’s years.
‘Kripya Dhyaan De’ can be ignored as it doesn’t charge you up.
The song is sung by Slowcheetha, and it doesn’t give you a high feeling.
However, the video is fun seeing Sumeet and Mantra dance and fool around.
While Sonnalli Seygall looks chick smart but failed to impress the audience and listeners.
At the end we can only say, Kripya Dhyaan NA De.