HIGH JACK’s ‘Kripya Dhyaan De’ flight simulator video is a novel concept!

Phantom Films’ HIGH JACK, a stoner comedy that revolves around the hi jacking of a plane unveiled a rap funk party song, aptly titled ‘Kripya Dhayaan De’. Composed by rapper Slowcheeta and Shwetang Shankar and humorous lyrics penned by Slowcheeta himself, the all rap number thrives on the concept of simulating the journey of one’s lives ups and downs to that of an aeroplane in flight, which is novel indeed with intermittent flight announcements, safety instructions etc . However, that concept aside, the rap by Showcheeta fails to grab attention post its nice start- ‘Bow down, Step aside, King is here, Get in line’ as his rap is very typically Honey Singh inspired. Lead actors, Sumeet Vyas, Mantra and Sonnalli Seygall do bring a smile with their antics and no holds barred dance moves.