Himansh Kohli: My consistency in lip-locks has been 100 percent

Himansh Kohli: My consistency in lip-locks has been 100 percent news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 24 Apr 2017 16:00:43.1700000 IST

He made his debut with YAARIYAN and his good looks helped him make his way into the hearts of female audience. He was last seen in JEENA ISI KA NAAM HAI. Though the film failed to impress the viewers but that doesn’t stop Himansh from looking forward to new projects and work doubly hard to prove his mettle as an actor. In an exclusive interview the actor speaks about his struggles, his inspirations and how maintaining a 100% consistency rate of lip locks in his films comes naturally to him.

Here are the excerpts:


Tell us about your struggle to become an actor?
Well, for the first six months everywhere I went I was just absolutely not fit for majority of the roles and I was sent out after the very first take at many of the auditions. But then ‘Humse He Life’ happened and during the show I bagged my first film YAARIYAN with T Series, I will be always grateful for that to them. And since then level two of the struggle continues.

For an actor, how much important it is to have a well-toned body and good looks?
It certainly does play an important role. An actor without good physique is like an entrepreneur without good skills and knowledge of his work. People are more inclined towards fitness these days and they are socially much awakened by the fitness agenda which is a good thing. Being an actor it's my responsibility to stay fit and share the message across all my admirers to stay fit & live healthy.

You seem to have shed your chocolate boy image. So is this change for any of your projects or it is a part of a makeover?
Yes there's something in pipeline which requires a bit of transformation & flexibility both. We shall start shooting around mid-August and there's hardly anytime left. Currently, I am waiting for the official announcements by the producer/director so I cannot elaborate more on why the change is happening. Till then I will be working on myself and gaining lean-muscle look.

Any special training or skill set that you have acquired to become an actor?
Yes to become an actor I have acquired a set of skills. So far on the Bollywood check-list I have done physical training like dance, gymnastics and of lately Marshall Arts training is also on. On the diction list I have been training in Hindi and English.

5 qualities that make you stand apart from others?
Well I think my discipline, commitment, spontaneity, quirkiness make me have an edge over others. Also, I have an ear for great music.

'An actor without good physique is like an entrepreneur without good skills'

The best part about being in this profession?
The best part about being in this industry is the feeling of being in the moment.

One film which inspired you to become an actor?
It has to be Salman Khan and Aamir Khan starrer ANDAZ APNA APNA.

Tell us about your dream role?
I would die to play Rajesh Khanna’s role from his classic film BAWARCHI

According to you what is more important in a film - its director, script or the actor?
I think an amalgamation of all the three is important for a film’s success.

One thing that you would like to imbibe from each of the three Khans - Aamir, Salman, Shah Rukh Khan?
I would like to imbibe Aamir Khan’s knowledge about his craft, Salman Khan’s Being Human and Shah Rukh Khan's brain.

One Khan with whom you would like to swap your life?
Without a doubt it has to be Bhaijaan Salman Khan with whom I would like to swap my life.

'Would die to play Rajesh Khanna’s role from his classic film BAWARCHI'

Do you feel that films have the potential to bring in social change?
In a country like India absolutely yes. I think we should vote for Cinema.

Do you think Nepotism is prevalent in Bollywood?
Yes, of course!!!

If not an actor then what you would have been?
If not an actor on this planet, there are actors for sure on some other planet. So I would be there.

One thing that you will refrain from doing onscreen?
Www.noinhibitions.com (laughs)

How much comfortable you are doing bold scenes and lip-locks on screen?}
Huh? Why are you even asking me this question? My consistency rate has been hundred percent ever since my first film. (winks)

What is that one thing you would never give-up for your profession and vice versa?
I would never give up my values for anything.

Any Bollywood director that you feel can give tough competition to his Hollywood counterparts?
Ritesh Batra of THE LUNCHBOX fame can give tough competition.

According to you which are five best works of Indian Cinema?
MERA NAAM JOKER, ANAND, SHOLAY, DANGAL, DDLJ are the best works of Indian Cinema.   

With more number of women centric films being made now-a-days do you think it’s leaving a less scope for the male actors to be in the focus?
Finally there is some balance. And I'm all for women power. Go power puff girls

From the current lot of actors which actor inspires you the most?
Ranbir Kapoor. He is truly one man show.