Himesh plays Astro Guru to HANSSIKAA

View  Hansika Shows 'AKS' To Her Teachers - Picture GalleryHansika Motwani has a new name. She now spells her name as Hannsikaa, and the name change she admits has been suggested by her hero, Himesh Reshammiya. ?The surname has been dropped because of astrology,? she informs. ?Mom likes it and Himesh knows astrology, and I?m happy with it.? Well, this looks like one content child. But seriously, Hansika did not need ?extraa? alphabets in her spelling. With or without it, she has talent aplenty. It?s left to be seen whether she will revert to her old spelling. Kareena Kapoor and now Vivek Oberoi are back to the spellings their parents gave them after flirting with astrology for a while!