Hiten Tejwani plays exorcist a la CONJURING style

Hiten Tejwani plays exorcist a la CONJURING style news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 02 Nov 2016 15:35:16.3300000 IST

We usually see how Bollywood films seek inspiration from Hollywood films or adapt their characters. But we seldom come across such coincidence where both the film industries have played on a similar concept without taking a cue.


Well, you might come across a similar case between upcoming film SAANSEIN - THE LAST BREATH, horror and romance, is all set to spook you out and Hollywood’s most successful horror franchise THE CONJURING! Both the films have an interesting connection! And the common link is the exorcist’s character. The exorcists in both the films possess the power to observe beyond human imagination and can sense the evil around!       
Hiten Tejwani, who plays the role of an exorcist, can track the ghost around with his special powers much like we witnessed with Lorraine's character in THE CONJURING 2.

Hiten plays Dr. C.K.BIR, an exorcist and a seer, who is highly intellectual man and studies, writes books on dark energies, life after death and tracing some unanswered questions that modern science is still unable to answer.  He can observe and sense beyond normal human imagination.

Starring Rajniesh Duggall, Sonarika Bhadoria along with Hiten Tejwani, Neetha Shetty, Vishal Malhotra, Amir Dalvi, SAANSEIN is directed by Rajiv S Ruia. The music is composed by Vivek Kar and lyrics penned by Kumaar. SAANSEIN is produced by Goutam Jain and Vivek Agarwal under the banner GPA Productions.

SAANSEIN - THE LAST BREATH is set to release on 11th November, 2016.