Hiten Tejwani: The treatment of horror in SAANSEIN is very different

Hiten Tejwani: The treatment of horror in SAANSEIN is very different news
TWF IBNS By TWF IBNS | 14 Nov 2016 10:47:56.0530000 IST

Popular TV actor Hiten Tejwani stars in the latest Bollywood horror romance film, SAANSEIN. IBNS correspondent Souvik Ghosh speaks exclusively with him regarding the film and also his journey from small screen to films


How was your experience working in SAANSEIN?
It was a lovely experience. Previously I had done a horror film, KRISHNA COTTAGE (released in 2004) and played the role of a student but in this film, my character is a science professor. The story focuses on whether this science professor is able to succeed in controlling the spirits or not.

How was your experience of sharing screen with your co-stars?
I had heard of Sonarika before as she was a television actor. I got to know more about her during the making of the film. But Rajniesh and me share friendship for a long time. It is Rajniesh who asked Rajiv (director of the film) to offer me the role of the professor which I really liked and finally ended up acting together.

Tell me something about your character in the film.
I am playing the role of a science professor. He has the power to talk to the evil spirits and the film revolves around him who combines science and religion to tackle these spirits. He can classify the powerful and weak spirits easily. Issues in this film are kept very much real.

Do you personally believe in spirits?
I never used to believe anything about spirits and all. But one incident occurred on my set sometimes back where a girl got possessed by a spirit. I was not present at that time on set but the whole unit said the same story, so I started believing in it. I feel there is presence of something like spirits or force.

You are very familiar face on television and now taking part in the films. What are the differences you find between the two industries?
See, you have to work hard for both the industries. In television industry, an actor does not get much time to study a particular role generally, but in films one has ample time for preparation through workshops and delves deeply into the character. Now the workshops are being introduced in television industry as well. However, previously scenario was completely different.

Horror films are criticized often for its lack of fear elements. In which way SAANSEIN is going to be different?
The treatment of horror in this film is very different. There is not much gory scene or bloodshed in the script. The thrill and elements of fear are present as per script. I feel earlier films were not that successful because we keep on comparing Hindi horror films with Hollywood counterparts. But we forget one thing that Indian industry lacks budget for the sound effects to create the horror feeling very common in English films.