Eros Now ‘s The Investigation is spine chilling, gripping tale of cop drama

This year started with a bang as web shows based on North and UP side shifted focus to other demographical locations as well. From sexy, raunchy and steamy web shows the shift towards crime drama was brought up by, Eros Now Quickie’s as their latest offering cop drama, The Investigation, starring Hiten Tejwani and Leena Jumani, was something to watch out for. Hiten marks his debut at web space with The Investigation and is seen donning the role of SIMMBA on web. The first thing that we liked was that it broke the monotony of most UP-based digital crime series. 

Here the setting is suburban Mumbai, with a good sprinkling of the native lingo (Marathi). This multilingual phenomenon is a good thing, offering realism and location to the narrative. However, the same can’t be extended to states south of the Vindhayas, where the scripts of the local languages are completely different from Hindi. Having said this, folks from up North might find even Marathi tough to fathom.

The edgy story traces the huge mess crime branch officer Vishal Gaekwad (Hiten) finds himself in, after being forced to investigate a late-night murder of student leader, which he himself may have committed accidently.

The body is discovered only the next morning, as the attendant was dead drunk. The scene where the cop makes the former write his details on a piece of paper was reflective of the attitude of khaki personnel towards the weaker sections of society.

Another positive was that it shows the police system as it is. The victim’s friend tries to file a missing person’s complaint before the mandatory 24-hour window and is stonewalled.

An obviously-scared Hiten tries to shut the case, calling it an accidental death; but a leak of the post-mortem report, which suggests a human hand, forces the department to ask him to reopen the case and apprehend the murderer ASAP. Prakash Ramchandani who plays the fellow-cop who finds the body has given a good performance.

As we go further we see that ACP’s wife had an alleaged affair with the deceased and this ddint go well with ACP and he killed him in the fit of anger as he was irritating him at the bar. As ACP was sloshed he didn’t relaise that the guy is killed, however there is one immandar police officer who knows the real culprit but keeps mum.

As we know that Hiten is the protagonist of the film, as we move further, there will be some links of the victim to Hiten’s estranged wife (Leena Jumani). 

Is Hiten really the murderer or did something else happen overnight is the question that pops up in our mind.

The story doesn’t have unnecessary sex and love making scenes. As we go further the story get impactful and keeps us hooked throughout. 

Hiten Tejwani nails it with his performance as ACP Vishal throughout the story. He does a pretty good job shedding his soft and romantic image from TV and fit in the role which has darker shades to it. The supporting actors have done a satisfactory job as well.

The web series also shed light on the corrupt nature of some of the police officers their dealings with criminals, false cases, their treatment towards the economically backward and lower classes, deception, involvement in a crime, and also, the inertia and indifference amongst officers.
The series sets you up for a rollercoaster ride. The writers have cleverly connected the seemingly unconnected subplots in a pretty interesting manner.
The storyline will make you realize who the murderer is in the initial episodes, and then, as the story progresses and the narrative keeps shifting, make you doubt if he really is the killer. The twists and turns will keep you hooked to the series.

The characters are not uni-dimensional and have layers to their personalities. It’s not an easy task to add depth, backstories, as well as subplots, given the short duration of the episodes but ‘The Investigation’ has it all.

The editing and the final presentation is where it lacks. It’s not smooth and to add intensity to the scenes, several camera effects are added. It really disrupts the scene and does not really add any intensity.

The Investigation has a great acting, gripping storyline, interesting subplots, but the presentation could’ve been better. It deserves a watch, nevertheless.

The Investigation is Eros Now’s third short-form web series under its new segment, Eros Now Quickie.

the investigation trailer

trailer of the investigation