HOPE AUR HUM TRAILER: Naseer's film evokes new 'hope'!

Hope is the last thing that people cling on to when everything else fails; it acts like a smoldering fire which keeps something in us alive. Hope can make us achieve things beyond our wildest dreams, an unrelenting pursuit of the joys we want. Hope is what’s left when you have nothing else to rely on.
The new trailer for the film HOPE AUR HUM kind of trudges on the same line, it shows three generations living together, Naseeruddin Shah is hopeful of his steampunk copier machine to work properly or it might get obsolete, his youngest son, Naveen Kasturia has recently lost his phone and is in hopes of getting it back and also flirts with the possibility of getting with the woman who finds his phone in a taxi, and Naseeruddin Shah’s grandson portrayed by Kabir Sajid who is hopeful of becoming a cricketer but it seems he witnesses something in a box which leaves him terrified and maybe renders him out of form.
The setting of the film is an urban family comedy which is focused on the lives of these characters and the dialogues seem important. In terms of what’s shown in the trailer HOPE AUR HUM seems like the kind of film you’d love to watch on a Sunday afternoon when you’d want something to lift your spirits up.
The box that terrifies Kabir might be a metaphor for the Pandora’s Box. The contents of the box haven’t been revealed, so there can be a possibility of something extraordinary happening which remains to be seen.
We see every character lose hope in some way or the other and this film may show the strength needed by every individual to take it back.
Written and Directed by Sudip Bandyopadhyay and produced by Samira Bandyopadhyay, the film is scheduled to release on 11th May 2018.