HOT SUMMER NIGHTS trailer: Summers can be more than just a vacation

Timothée Chalamet has stirred up Hollywood after giving an Oscar nomination performance in CALL ME BY YOUR NAME opposite Amrie Hammer and is now set to play the part of a drug dealer in his upcoming film, HOT SUMMER NIGHS.

The film shows, a young boy going away for the summer to live with his aunt but finds it difficult to fit in until a guy shows up and asks him to hide his weed, from then on the trailer shows a very upbeat lifestyle of the young boy making money selling weed and growing and expanding his business while also being romantically involved with a girl. All this comes to an abrupt end as soon as we see William Fichtner’s character sitting in a house and he fires a gun and starts laughing, while asking a drugged woman to play something celebratory on the piano.

The trailer shows a visual contrast as it progresses and gets darker and more serious as the consequences of the young drug dealers actions catch on.

The film stars William Fichtner, Timothée Chalamet, Marika Monroe and Alex Roe, the film basically tells the story of what parts of life can be taken lightly and when things need to be taken seriously.

Written and Directed by Elijah Bynum marking his debut with the film, the trailer shows a promising and entertaining film.
Produced by Imperative Entertainment, the film is scheduled to release on 27th July 2018.