How Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor bonded over 102 NOT OUT

102 NOT OUT brought two of the biggest superstars of Indian Cinema has ever seen back together after about 27 years. Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor are playing a father son duo and during an event for the song launch of ‘Badumbaaa’ both gentlemen shared their views on Bollywood , their on screen chemistry and much more.
Among the many questions asked, Amitabh seemed to be reserved while Rishi Kapoor answered the media’s questions wholeheartedly and discussed about his feelings working alongside Amitabh, he stated that since the first day of the shoot it did not feel like they had not worked for over two decades and connected instantly and working with Amitabh always is a pleasure. Rishi Kapoor also added, “I have been working with Amitji for 44 years, from KABHI KABHI to AJOOBA to now 102 NOT OUT.”
He stated while Amitabh had issues with other celebrities, he never had any problems and always steered away from Amitabh’s spotlight. He further added that Amitabh gets into a character immediately and does not require much direction notes. Reminiscing about a scene they shot back years ago, where Amitabh had to play an alcoholic, he said as soon as Amitabh started acting it seemed like he was really intoxicated and I had to carry him home and that was amazing to look at and appreciate.
Amitabh was asked a series of questions. When he was asked if his on screen character ever had similarities at home with his son Abhishek , Big B said “It has never happened with Abhishek and I will never let it happen.”
While Rishi was asked the same to which he replied, “I am old school and a conservative father. It won’t happen in my case too."
Directed by Umesh Shukla and produced by Treetop Entertainment and SPE Films.
102 NOT OUT is scheduled to release on 4th May 2018.