How Armaan Kohli is responsible for Shah Rukh Khan's stardom?

How Armaan Kohli is responsible for Shah Rukh Khan's stardom? news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 14 Nov 2016 15:37:12.7670000 IST

We have often heard that someone’s loss is other’s gain and we have indeed witnessed it. Many of us are in awe of Shah Rukh Khan’s popularity and fairytale stardom, especially his films from the 90’s made him what he is today.

While SRK has struggled a lot and his hard work has even paid off, but one opportunity he would always love to cherish and one actor whose decision worked in SRK’s favour. Well, wondering what is it?


At a recently held TV show ‘Yaaron Ki Baarat’, Shah Rukh Khan confessed some things really big.

The superstar spoke about his famous film DEEWANA and how that film made him a star despite him not being the first choice of the film.

In fact it was actor Armaan Kohli who was set to star in DEEWANA opposite the late actress Divya Bharti, but walked out of the film after completing the first shooting schedule. Well this gave the budding star a chance to showcase his skills in the film.

An ever humble SRK said, “Armaan Kohli is responsible for me being a star. He featured on the DEEWANA poster with late Divya Bharti. I still have that poster. Thank you for making me a star,'

We know that DEEWANA became a blockbuster hit making Khan the king of Bollywood!

So now let’s thank Armaan Kohli!