How CBFC and MAATR producer co -operated with each other and obtained the certificate in time

How CBFC and MAATR producer co -operated with each other and obtained the certificate in time news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 19 Apr 2017 10:48:41.7100000 IST

In a rare example of quick action and timely co –operation, Raveena Tandon starrer MAATR was granted an ‘A’ certificate yesterday after a refusal on last Saturday.


MAATR – a women oriented film on the issue of rape was refused certification last Saturday due to excessive violence on women and language in the film. As usual the CBFC refused to grant the certificate and suggested some changes and cut to obtain the ‘Adults only’ certificate or appeal to the revising committee.

According to reports the producer of MAATR Anjum Rizvi submitted the film on Monday as a completely new product chopping those scenes depicting excessive violence and got the clearance for ‘A’ only viewing with three visual and one audio cut.

Giving a sigh of relief to the makers, its release on 21st of April this Friday became dicey due to the CBFC refusal to grant the certificate.

The CBFC also in a responsive and positive gesture gave preference to the revised screening of MAATR by rescheduling their line up for the day. The examining committee passed the film with the above mentioned cuts.

CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihalani has been quoted saying, 'We understand MAATR is a small meaningful film and any delay would be financially burdensome for the producers. My entire Examining Committee co-operated to ensure a swift certification for the film.”

MAATR has set a good example and seen the producer and CBFC working in tandem for quick results. Hope we see such healthy co –operation more in future.