How KAABIL has changed Hrithik Roshan's outlook

How KAABIL has changed Hrithik Roshan's outlook news
img By Vishal Verma | 03 Mar 2017 18:40:43.0170000 IST

Bollywood’s Greek God in looks and best body dancer Hrithik Roshan is a changed man post KAABIL success.


The actor who had discovered his abilities through playing differently able characters says that he fought with his own limitations to play the character in KAABIL, he says, “I am really glad that the film has done well but as actors we also look for something more permanent than box office success. I was going through a difficult time in my life when I was shooting for KAABIL. I needed to fight my own limitations in order to play this character.”

Hrithik who has excelled in playing special able characters like Rohit in KOI MIL GAYA, Ellen Masceranhas in GUZAARISH before playing Rohan Bhatnagar in KAABIL says that he found a common thread between Rohit, Rohan and Ellan which helped him in getting connected with them. He says, “All of them are emotionally intelligent, perhaps I connect with these characters at some level.  It must be some sort of coincidence that I have played these characters but in each of my performances my directors helped me a lot.  I have had my own struggles with my physical self.  I did stammer as a kid and I am aware how socially awkward and debilitating it can get.”

But the experience of KAABIL has made a huge impact on the actor who has now changed his outlook, he says, “KAABIL was a different experience for me personally. Perhaps more than the accolades and the box office success what will remain with me is an invaluable understanding. I perhaps realized for the first time that the phrase differently abled is not a polite word for disabled people. They are actually differently abled. I didn’t play Rohan Bhatnagar as a disabled guy; I played a guy who believes in himself. My way of seeing them has changed forever.”

Indeed, KAABIL has made some great impact on Hrithik Roshan