How Kareena turned Chammak Challo

How Kareena turned <i>Chammak Challo</i> news

When Kareena Kapoor was approached for RA.ONE, it wasn't just the tag of 'biggest film' and 'biggest hero' that was enticing enough for her. She also wanted Shahrukh Khan to ensure that the film had at least one 'killer track' that won't just be the 'hottest song of the year' but also a class apart. Shahrukh consented and this is how 'Chammak Challo' was born with 'Criminal' being an icing on the cake.

"It's a given that RA.ONE would be watched by millions across the globe. Bebo was conscious about this, more so since it's an action movie and is centered on battle between Shahrukh and Arjun. She had to make her presence felt really strong and had a heart to heart conversation with Shahrukh,' informs a source, 'He further assured her that she didn't have to bother at all and made her hear 'Chammak Challo' which was designed just for her. Post that she didn't have any hesitation whatsoever as she knew she had hit jackpot."

Post that when 'Criminal' came her way, it was an added bonus for Kareena as now she had two dance numbers to dance on and that too with Shahrukh as her partner.

Says Kareena, "Yes, I wanted 'number of the year and I have been told that 'Chammak Challo' is indeed up there. On screen I have got a chance to be someone entirely different from what I have portrayed before."

Talking fondly about the film which many believe would be the biggest grosser ever, hence surpassing 200 crore total set by 3 IDIOTS, Kareena says, "When I was approached for RA.ONE, I knew that it was Shahrukh's most ambitious film. It was an honour for me that he wanted me to be there with him. I have a wonderful role in the movie and people will love my character."