How Raj Kapoor coaxed Vyjayanthimala for SANGAM

How Raj Kapoor coaxed Vyjayanthimala for SANGAM news
Mansoor Khan By Mansoor Khan | 10 Jan 2015 12:51:54.3830000 IST

Raj Kapoor’s super-duper hit film SANGAM is a milestone in Indian Cinema. The movie is remembered not just because it started the trend of exploring foreign location in filmmaking or gave a new definition to love triangle stories but it introduced eminent actress Vyjayanthimala in the Raj Kapoor camp after Nargis quit.


Readers may be aware that after CHORI CHORI, the famous Raj Kapoor and Nargis Jodi came to an end after the duo worked together in 16 films from 1949 till 1956. Raj Kapoor had to hunt for another actress for his most ambitious film, SANGAM, which was RK Production’s first film in colour and had been planned with Nargis.

After rejecting several heroines, Raj Kapoor finally zeroed upon Vyjayanthimala, the Numero Uno heroine of the 60s. However, during that time Vyjayanthimala was the favourite actress of Dilip Kumar as the duo had given a string of hits. Remember DEVDAS, NAYA DAUR, MADHUMATI, PAIGHAM, GANGA JAMUNA etc.

However, when Raj Kapoor tried to get in touch with her she was not available. Being the most sought-after actress both in Bollywood and down South,  Vyjayanthimala was tied up with her assignments so much that whenever Raj Kapoor called her and tried to speak to her about his upcoming movie SANGAM, Vyjayanthimala would find some excuse and kept Raj Kapoor on hold.

After several attempts when Raj Kapoor failed to get her reply, film magazine fuelled the buzz that Dilip Kumar was creating hurdles and preventing Vyjayanthimala from signing Raj Kapoor’s film.

Aggravated after reading such stories, one day Raj Kapoor called Vyjayanthimala, who played Radha in the movie and fervently asked her over the phone, “Bol Radha Bol Sangam hoga ke nahin….” 

Vyjayanthimala was floored at Raj Kapoor’s pleasant gesture and affectionately replied, “Are Baba Hoga Hoga Hoga…”

Later lyricist Shailendra wrote their witty conversation into the super hit song Mere Man Ki Ganga Aur Tere Man Ki Jamuna Ka Bol Radha Bol Sangam Hoga Ke Nahin….