How Ronit & Rohit Roy broke my Friday the 13th jinx

How Ronit & Rohit Roy broke my Friday the 13th jinx news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 17 Jan 2017 11:29:01.3570000 IST

Friday the 13th is usually counted as jinxed period. Well, I never took it seriously as I personally never experienced anything bad, but last Friday was truly jinxed for me and I shall remember it all my life.

It so happened that there were interviews scheduled for Roy Brothers - Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy for their upcoming movie KAABIL as they play baddies & coming together for the first time. I was also prepared for a fun video chat with them and I was the first one to conduct the video interview.

Though Ronit Roy was under the weather due to climatic change, but he stood for 20 minutes and gave an amazing interview with brother Rohit.

Wow! Sounds nice right guys?

But the unlucky number 13 jinx just began…

While I was elated with a wonderful interview, little did I know that my happiness was short-lived. As there was a technical glitch and their efforts and my interview went in vain.

I was shell shocked as to what do I do now? Perplexed , scared and numb thinking what will I do now, seeing the amount of media coming and waiting shook me more and I thought I won’t be able to conduct the interview with them.

It was almost evening seeing the media leaving the premise as they were not getting interviews and I had already got two opportunities.

But seeing me wait patiently due to my technical glitch they were cooperative enough and gave me interview, despite Ronit being tired and all exhausted.

Seeing their kind gesture I was relived and couldn’t thank them enough for understanding my situation.

Not only this when I thanked them on social media for being understanding and co-operative, Ronit thanked me for my patience. In fact it was actually their humility to give me the interview late evening.

And this is how Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy made me believe that my Friday the 13th wasn’t jinxed and patience & dedication pays off!

Check out for their message below:


Here’s wishing Ronit, Rohit all the very best for KAABIL