How Tom Cruise risked his life time & again for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT

When it comes to pushing the envelope involving death defying stunts no one does it better in Hollywood than Tom Cruise, he has given his audiences some amazing cinematic moments when it comes to risking his life.

Tom Cruise has always raised the bar with every release of his MISSION IMPOSSIBLE film, every film outdoing the previous and for the latest film it is said that he jumped out of a plane 106 times to get the shot right.

This shows the commitment the actor shows when it comes to delivering a masterclass in performance and the amount of dedication that goes into making such a high risk stunt.

The stunt was choreographed at about 25000 to 30000 feet in the air going at 220 miles per hour.

Tom Cruise said, “The only place we could do this was the United Arab Emirates,” due to the legal issues involving skydiving around the world.

Director Christoper McQuarrie added, “We learn that Tom can do more than you want to let him do”.

It just goes to show how much the actor will commit when it comes to give the audience something exciting.

The stunt featured Henry Cavil and Tom Cruise’s characters falling thorough the sky and plummeting down with Tom Cruise making his way to Cavil and resuscitating him.

Directed by Christoper McQuarrie and Produced by Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot Productions, Skydance Media, the film is scheduled to release on 27th July 2018.