Hrithik Roshan steps into Aamir Khan's shoes!

Hrithik Roshan steps into Aamir Khan's shoes! news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 18 Jan 2017 16:10:45.4170000 IST

There was a huge hue and cry about Aamir Khan putting on weight for DANGAL to make his role look real, and now it seems with biopic and getting into the groove of the role many actors are following Mr Perfectionist’s footsteps.


And now its Hrithik Roshan who broke the rules and stereotypes.  He ditched his Greek God image captured on magazine covers and photo shoots and instead went for a look that required him to put on 7 kilos.

When you look at Hrithik in KAABIL and he doesn't come across as the guy who is topping the global charts of sexiness and desirability. He is a rather chubby guy next door who seems hopelessly in and sincerely in love.

Speaking about the weight gain Hrithik said, “ I did put on weight and I am not feeling bad about it that oh! I put on for a film, in fact I wanted that my character should look natural and that’s why it was important that I put on weight.”

Speaking about the same a source reveals, “Hrithik went all out to ensure that his character could look real and hence put on weight and looked chubby. His physical transformation was very important to play the part of Rohan . Despite being labeled as a Greek God, Hrithik was more than willing to ditch his sex appeal and chiseled abs to portray this character with total conviction.'

 Apart from the physical part his styling as an everyday regular guy also helped in an honest portrayal of the character.

KAABIL is set to hit the theaters on January 25, 2017.