Huma Qureshi's diet programme bags her this project!

Huma Qureshi's diet programme bags her this project! news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 21 Apr 2017 18:17:46.7000000 IST

Bollywood always has certain burning topics that they keep talking about.
The most debatable topic that has become talk of the town is body shamming. Huma had given her point of view on body shamming like a boss. She is now inspiring her fans and millions of women to get strong and healthy over social media.


The actress who strongly believes that the weighing scale is not a yardstick for someone's self-worth is now inspiring women and leading with example!

Huma is back with new zeal and hitting the gym with a vengeance as she takes up a 28-day detox programme. The star has been posting pictures of her detox cleanse diet over her social media platforms that include organic, wholesome food and completely excluding soda, gluten, alcohol and processed food.

As per our sources, “Huma has got extremely popular over social media has now been approached by a nutrition brand to be the face of a detox range of products.”

Huma's detox updates on social media are a complete hit and it caught the attention of a nutrition brand who are soon to launch a range of detox products. They felt Huma would be the perfect face for it considering she has been motivating so many women over social media to eat clean and get fit.”

Kudos to you Huma!