Humour Special : Rishi Kapoor's advice to Ranbir Kapoor post alleged break up with Katrina Kaif

Humour Special : Rishi Kapoor's advice to Ranbir Kapoor post alleged break up with Katrina Kaif news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 30 Jan 2016 09:42:45.8200000 IST

Its late evening, a well cushioned trendy arm chair is rocking giving the déjà vu of Kamal Amrohi’s 1979 classic MAHAL aayega aanewala.. dejected Ranbir Kapoor from the alleged Katrina Kaif break up is lying on the chair, humming Tu Hai Ke Nahi.. door opens and papa Rishi Kapoor in a joyful mood (its late evening – chintuji’s favorite time to be with his favorite (whiskey) you see) enters..


“Why so serious son” asks the concerned papa Kapoor sounding like that famous joker from BATMAN.. gloomy beta Kapoor murmurs, she has gone, my dear coochie pie – the ex-girlfriend of ‘bhai’ has also shown me the door.. her dil no longer longs for me anymore.. sob sob.

Like a dutiful father, papa Kapoor offers his shoulder after safely keeping his glass of whiskey on the table. No problem beta, There may be dearth in Bollywood creativity but our world is full of beauties. More better haseena than Katrina will sing duets with you.. just wait and watch.. till that time have some of my favourite scotch, consoles papa Kapoor.

The glasses of papa Kapoor and beta Kapoor greet each other with a chorus of cheers. After a couple pegs, papa Kapoor gets serious and asks, “why she left, what was the reason,”. I don’t know papa, she only knows. Papa you are much experienced on this front tell me how should I understand women, so that no one leaves me in future. Deepika gayi, Katrina bhi gayi I swear ab koi nahi jayegi.

Papa Kapoor replies, “Don't get emotional beta, am sorry but it is impossible to understand a women. I have a mantra for you and this will do you good. Papa Kapoor shows clip of the song Ladki Ladki from his 1993 forgettable movie SHREEMAAN AASHIQUE, the songs goes like ladkiyon se na miloh tum, ladkiyah toh hai balayein, (stay away from girls, they are a nuisance). The movie is forgettable but you should remember this song for the rest of your life says papa Kapoor.

Surprised by this unknown side of Bollywood’s first poster teenage lover boy, beta Kapoor enquires, “You are the first teenage poster boy of Bollywood, how come you say such a thing'. 

Papa Kapoor replies, “Beta everyone in life goes through a phase, I also went with the same and sang mein shayar toh nahi - my first song, later sang barah bajegi suiyoh jaise, hum dono mil jaye (at the clock of 12 you and me come close together to become one) in the film JHOOTA KAHIN KA with your mom Neetu. The song expressed our saacha pyaar (true love). Neetu took the song very seriously and we got married. I know what a man goes through after marriage.. barah abhi bhi baji hui hai.. but your mom made sure that the marriage holds on.. I also later understood the sacrifices she did and see we are staying together, despite having our differences ”.

I know you are a mama’s boy.. my only advice is now don't take your future affairs so seriously and put a control to your badtameez dil , beware of the chikni chamelis in future and if you go further then carry on forever. Otherwise you will go bonkers and start expressing weirdest desires like chances of dating pope. Announcing your separation and proving your failures as a life partner, lover,  husband and a friend. God Bless'. papa Kapoor concludes with a blessing to beta Kapoor.

(You don't have to be an Einstein or a JAGGA JASOOS in that matter to understand that the above article is a figment of imagination of the author. The website does not hold any responsibility).