The goosebump moment for the cast of HUNTER KILLER


Butler is back in action and this time he takes control of everything while deep below the sea. Gerard Butler plays submarine Captain Joe Glass who assembles a crew of Navy Seals after discovering a secret Russian coup is threatening to dismantle the world order.

Gerard Butler and cast were assisted by the U.S in realistically bringing to the screen a story set on board a submarine. The Navy sent a subject matter expert to work with the cast on their lines and to learn how the Navy operates. They had one of the most amazing experience while shooting the film

Butler says “At first, I would hear Navy guys talk without understanding them but by working alongside the consultants and constantly interacting with the guys, I became familiar with their terminology,” “We found fun ways to incorporate some of the languages in the film because it makes things that much more believable. In a real emergency situation, when you have everybody
calling out commands in the proper form, it’s incredible to witness how intense it gets, even if you don’t completely understand their slang. The whole ship is chanting and moving together in this beautiful flow of energy. It’s a very powerful experience. We wanted to capture that and when we’d finish those scenes, everybody would have goosebumps.”