I know I can do a lot better: Lara Dutta

I know I can do a lot better: Lara Dutta news
Moody Marty By Moody Marty | 16 May 2016 11:51:18.5570000 IST

I know I can do a lot better: Lara Dutta
Lara Dutta-Bhupathi is slowly catching up on lost ground in Bollywood. The model from Bangalore who was Miss Universe in the year 2000 made her acting debut with her colleague from the year 2000, Priyanka Chopra (Miss World) in ANDAAZ (2003). Both sizzled. While Mimi’s career went North, Lara remained down South.

Lara gave glimpses of her talent before settling to marital bliss. We saw her ‘deadly’, energetic item number in KHAKEE, ‘Aisa Jaado...’ She made the song a craze simply by her sizzling body language that went with the mood and tempo of the song.


Immediately after that, she churned out a heart-warming performance in Jurm. The film might not have done well at the Box Office, but it did stamp Lara’s acting prowess. If you have watched the film, you will know what I am saying. First, you love her, then begin to hate her and by the time the movie enters its last reel, you end up feeling sorry for her. It was Lara Dutta at her best in Jurm.

Last week saw her playing a Lawyer in AZHAR and Lara did well for herself showing glimpses of her talent. Alas, her role lacked meat. But if you have seen her as Emily last year in SINGH IS BLING, you will know all about timing and comedy.

Films like PARTNER (2007), BILLU (2009) and HOUSEFULL (2010) too have left her indelible mark.

Post the birth of her daughter in 2012, Lara is hitting the right notes. She’s worked hard on her looks, working out in the gym with a vengeance, whilst polishing her performance.

“I’m very harsh on myself,” she once told me. “I know I can do a lot better.” That’s what the lady is proving on screen. And it’s good to see filmmakers appreciating talent, married or otherwise!

Khallas loses its Company!
“Creation happens only once.” This is what Ameesha Patel once told me when I spoke to her post the success of her film GADDAR opposite Sunny Deol. “I’m glad I was part of history,” she had said then. Throwing light on SHOLAY, she had stated that that film could never be remade.


How I wish Ram Gopal Varma had paid heed to that statement. He went on to make a historical film RGV Ki AAG!

Now we hear that Ramu has re-shot his item song Khallas from his 2002 film COMPANY. This song, now picturized on Zarine Khan is fitted into his upcoming biopic on the sandalwood smuggler Veerappan.

Isha Koppikar added her chutzpah to Khallas which was quite a rage then. Let’s hope Zarine Khan matches up to Isha’s sizzle. Having said that, I believe it would be unfair to compare the two.

Why not create another song, if an item song was all that was needed? How I wish, Khallas was left to its original COMPANY!

Pallavi Joshi back with a bang!
Today’s column is turning out to be an all-woman affair. Before I sign off I would like to mention about Pallavi Joshi the actress who warmed our hearts on television and then on the big screen before going off radar after her marriage to Vivek Agnihotri.


Watching Pallavi on screen after ages in BUDDHA IN A TRAFFIC JAM was a gem. She brought that desired softness into an otherwise hard film. Her mannerisms, body language and dialogue delivery were a delight to watch. She’s an absolute joy to watch.

Let’s hope filmmakers tap the potential of this wizard on screen.