I’ve got a strong evil side - Salman Khan

Salman KhanIn his most candid interview till date, superstar Salman Khan has talked of his ?evil? side and about how, when he wants something, he can find a way that is ?not clean? to get it.

Salman was baring his heart on the TIMES NOW show ?Frankly Speaking?, and in response to a question as to how he had changed in the last 18 years since his film debut.

?I have grown a little bit with a bit of maturity?, he said, ?If I have to do something then I can find out a way that is not a clean way. If I want to get something or I want to do something, then I can scheme, I can plan. So I have my own problems in my mind, I could get vicious. It is my conscious effort to control that and not to go to the evil side.?

When told that everyone has a evil side, Salman said, ?I have got a tremendous evil side that I don?t like. I know this is good, this is bad, and what the right way is. And that is my constant battle, my constant fight with myself.?

Salman also spoke extensively for the first time about grappling with the prospect of going to jail again, in the black buck case. The film star, whose career has been riddled with controversies, said he had even ?stopped going to parties? because ?he would get into trouble every time?.

?When people say that they are so lonely I want to ask them what they mean. I mean, who is better than you spending time alone. Being lonely is when nobody wants to be with you. Being alone is your choice. I?d rather be alone than be lonely. I have been to jail a couple of times. I never got bored of me,? said Salman, an interesting comment especially at a time when there is intense speculation about his imminent marriage with girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

Comparing himself to the other two Khans?, Salman said that he is much more ?chilled out? and that the others work too hard. ?Shahrukh is very very dedicated very hard working. Aamir is ten times as hard working than Shahrukh can be. As for me, I am chilled out. I have fun when I do my movies. I want to enjoy myself, if you are in the entertainment business you cannot take this so seriously.?

On a lighter note, when his habit of taking off his shirt, was compared to Saurav Ganguly taking off his shirt at the Lords cricket stadium in London, Salman had some advice for the former India captain.

?Sourav should not have done it. I mean, you must have something to show. Come on, Sourav Ganguly taking off his shirt!? he laughed.

Don?t miss the most candid interview of Salman Khan ever only on TIMES NOW?s Frankly Speaking with Arnab Goswami on Sunday.