I was too boring for Ajay Devgan - Nisha Kothari

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Mauj Tie-Up With RGV Ki AAG Picture Gallery

Nisha Kothari's RAM GOPAL VARMA KI AAG is getting ready for release this weekend and she is already being seen in three songs from the film 'Ruk Ja', 'Chaa Raha' and 'Holi'.

Agreeing to the fact that she is one of the characters in the film rather than someone who is the main heroine or one of the major leads, she gets talking to Joginder Tuteja about her co-stars and how she prepared herself for the character immortalized by Hema Malini.

Since this is the first time ever that Nisha has been paired opposite Ajay Devgan, was she intimidated about the fact that she may soon be victim of his infamous pranks? Was she also a victim of those on the sets?

Giggles Nisha, "Sorry to disappoint you but I have no story to tell about any of his so-called pranks on me. We shared a very good rapport on the sets but there was never a situation when I had to worry about his pranks. Yes, I had heard from others about the way he plays around with his co-stars by coming up with one prank or another but then perhaps I was too boring a person for him."

One can see her romancing with her hero though in the film's promos. "We shot for two tracks 'Ruk Ja' and 'Chaa Raha'. While former is a 'tapori' number, the second has both of us in a sensual rendezvous. Both the tracks have different flavors to them which only help in bringing on some variety."

How about working with Sushmita? "She is such a sweetheart. She is simply adorable", says Nisha fondly, "Her aura is unmistakable and yet she would go all out to ensure that I was comfortable when she was around. We had a blast doing the 'holi' song which is currently on air. She comes across as so cute, simple and yet graceful when she joins in the celebration."

Returning back to her role in the film, does she feel that a character like 'Ghunghroo' would be taken seriously by the audience? "I agree that Ghunghroo is a fun element in the film but still I am sure that in spite of limited screen presence she would leave a mark. One of my favorite scenes in the film is the one where she becomes all emotional."

What was so special about it? She informs, "Now for a regular character, it is not a big deal since emotions come easy on women. But here Ghunghroo is hardly what a regular woman is made of. She is a tapori and hence her emotions too had to be in the same mould. There was a different style and in which she had to let herself go and that had to be unlike any other regular female would behave."

It is difficult not to ask her how she has enacted the role that has been made ever-so-famous by Hema Malini. "At the very scripting level, there is a different angle given to her by making her a Rajnikanth fan. She is someone who hero-worships him and has all her mannerisms and talking style too based on the superstar. Yes, the energy of Basanti has been the same as earlier though there is a different attitude that has been brought on. Moreover one should not be over looking the fact that this is a different time, different era, different setting", explains Nisha thoughtfully.

How did she bring on a different attitude? Did she model her character on someone she has known? "I didn't have to make a conscious move to model myself on someone I had known or interacted with. I don't have any qualm in admitting that I was a 'tapori' in my real life too when I was in college. I used to be extremely naughty, just like the character of Sridevi in CHALBAAZ, and was known for my notoriety. This is the reason why the role came to me quite easily."

Apart from THE KILLER with Vishesh Films, each of her Hindi films have been with Ram Gopal Varma. Hasn't she been approached by the Bhatts again as they are known for repeating their actors? "I am in regular touch with them and I am sure that they would certainly have me on board the moment they find me suitable for a particular role. I am always there for them as always and now it would be my luck if they have a good enough character for me to play."