Imran Khan affected because Amitabh Bachchan is abused on social media?

Imran Khan affected because Amitabh Bachchan is abused on social media? news
Pankaj Sabnani By Pankaj Sabnani | 29 Sep 2015 17:55:18.4570000 IST
With the internet and technology boom, it’s almost impossible for us to not be on social media. Not just the common janta, even most celebs are on it. However, there are some who still prefer to stay away from it and one of them is Imran Khan.


Explaining why he’s not on social media, the actor says, “My concern with Twitter and social media in general is that when you give people anonymity, people speak in a way that they would not speak in real life or when they are face to face. Have you seen the messages sent to actresses on Twitter? Ra*di saali, who*e bit*ch. Will you ever say that in real life or face to face? You will get the sh*t kicked out of you. It brings out a side of humanity that I would rather not see. It shows you the worst in people. When I see that part of humanity, it depresses me. It worries me.”

He goes on to add, “Every day in the morning, you wake up and see horrifying things sent to people. Someone as respected as Mr. Bachchan is called ‘Abbe tharki buddhe bhench*d'. Come on. Really? It’s horrific and absolutely disgusting.”

But doesn’t Imran feel he’s losing out on connecting with his fans by not being on social media? “That depends on what you want. If you want fame and stardom, then yes, there’s value to it. I have no interest in that. I’m interested in movies. As a byproduct of acting and movies, I become famous but fame itself doesn’t excite me. It does not have any luster for me. People work towards fame. They work to achieve stardom. Movies, stage shows, endorsements are ways to achieve stardom for them. If that excites you, go for it. Fame has no value for me.”

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Ask him if being on social media helps films and he says, “I don’t agree. Aamir mamu is hardly on social media. For DHOOM: 3, they just did the posters. I really believe that if you make interesting content, people will come. While promoting GORI TERE PYAAR MEIN, I danced on every reality show, I sung on singing shows, I went to shopping malls…I did a million things for that film. All of that gave me the worst Friday opening of my career. What does that tell you? Promotions are about Friday. Despite doing all of that, we didn’t get what we wanted. It was because the promos and songs weren’t exciting. All of this is the content of the film. The rest of it just serves as a reminder that your film is coming on so and so date.”

Whether you are on social media on not, it’s important to keep doing good work and choose the right scripts. For Imran, that is somehow not happening which is a cause of worry.