Imran Khan: The intent of KATTI BATTI is to make you cry

Imran Khan: The intent of KATTI BATTI is to make you cry news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 18 Sep 2015 15:57:42.4530000 IST
Aamir Khan was mocked for being a crybaby only some time back. Not only did the superstar cry at BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN screening, he reportedly even shed his tears after watching KATTI BATTI. This incident made many people wonder what exactly triggered the emotion in Aamir Khan. So when we caught up exclusively with KATTI BATTI actor and Aamir Khan’s nephew, we asked him what got his mamu Aamir Khan so emotional?


To which Imran Khan replied, “The second half of the film is particularly emotional. If people are not crying by the time the end credits roll, I will consider that a failure on our path. The intent of the film is to make you cry.”

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Later, as we asked Imran Khan what was the first thing Aamir Khan told him after watching KATTI BATTI, he shared, “He was very impressed with my work, the film. It’s the first time that I’ve shown him my film. Besides the two films that he has produced, he’s never seen my work. I’ve never felt that I’ve done work worthy of showing it to him. This was the first time that I was happy enough with my film and work that I took it upon myself to call him and say ‘I think I’ve done something good and would like you to see it.”

While Imran feels KATTI BATTI is really worth it, sadly the critics don’t after looking at the reviews. We now await audiences’ verdict. Let’s wait and watch what they have to say about it.