Imran was given a two star stay for DELHI BELLY

img By Ruhail Amin | 20 Jun 2011 16:10:58.0270000 IST

Imran Khan might be one of the reigning stars of today's time, but when it comes to working on shoe-string budgets, the actor has a no-frills approach.

Now, it is known that while shooting for DELHI BELLY, Imran was given a two star hotel to stay. This was done since the film did not boast of any lavish budgets. But, to everyone's surprise, Imran, who has worked on lavish budgets in the past, did not ever complain of the modest stay.

view DELHI BELLY videos
view DELHI BELLY videos

Reveals our source, 'Since DELHI BELLY does not have a lavish budget, Imran and his co-stars were put up in a two star hotel, which is normally not a trend in Bollywood. No one can deny that Imran is a big star in Bollywood today and what was even more surprising was that he ever complained about the modesty of his stay unlike the tantrums big stars usually throw on such occasions. Everyone on the sets was only concerned about giving his best to the film which tries to redefine the way movies are made in Bollywood.'

Imran's film DELHI BELLY is already making news for its novel style of connecting with the audiences. The film is set to hit the screens on 1st July 2011.