Imran's dulhan no. 1

Ruhail Amin By Ruhail Amin | 07 Oct 2011 19:46:24.1670000 IST

Apparently Imran Khan's wife Avantika bonds well with the entire khan-dan and in-laws. From Imran's mamu- Aamir Khan, mami- Kiran Rao to his good buddy- Ranbir Kapoor and of course mother-in-law Nuzhat.

The ever smiling sunshine girl accompanies Imran wherever he goes, from set visits to parties to shoots abroad. Prior to their wedding she would try to accompany Imran as and when was possible, however post wedding she is mostly seen accompanying Imran to all the possible do's and travels. Not a moment, before and more so after marriage have the much in love couple been separable.

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view IMRAN KHAN picture gallery

Avantika was seen at a party recently, bonding big-time and posing with Kiran Rao and in between she choose to also sit with her mother-in-law for close company. It is a well-known fact that the intelligent and well mannered girl has good PR skills and maintains good relations with most of the hubby's friends/relatives and even his co-actors.

Also the star wife was seen wearing noticeably short clothes (red teeny weeny, ultra short jumpsuit) in the presence of her in-laws and family at the party. While many at the party felt that she should have worn such clothes when in the presence of just friends, chilling at the party without a care for her short clothes may not go down well with her in-laws.

Says a source, "Avantika loves to dress up to the hilt in designer garb, she loves to shop in India and abroad. However, she has mostly been seen wearing trendy clothes before and after marriage. And her in-laws or the Khan clan is very broad minded; even Kiran wears fun clothes, but it matches her age and position. So Avantika being the youngest here, she should maintain her dignity and wear clothes suited well for a newlywed girl. It's perfectly fine to wear fun, stylish or tiny clothes at friend's party but with in laws around its best to be a little careful and not carefree!"