Imtiaz Ali says that LAILA MAJNU not for those who think more & feel less

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, who has come up with lovely love stories in the past with protagonists having a natural chemistry in his films, is now ready with yet another exciting love story LAILA MAJNU. Just yesterday in a video released, Imtiaz shared how true love still exists irrespective of new or old generation. The essence of true love belongs to every generation. And today in yet another video Imtiaz shared that his upcoming project LAILA MAJNU, which talks about pure love, soeant have any starry faces and it stars common people like us with a common story. Besides he also emphasized that LAILA MAJNU is not for those who think more and feel less.  Take a look at the interesting love tales by Imtiaz Ali in this interesting 1 minute video here: