Instagram addiction strikes Rajkummar and Nargis

The shooting of 5 WEDDINGS has been a roller-coaster ride, in terms of the fun the cast and crew have had on the set. Director Namrata Singh Gujral has some extremely funny and fond memories from the shoot.

During break times in between takes, Namrata would usually go around the trailers to hang out with the star cast and have a good time. Before she would knock on the trailers she would hear strange noises sometimes with some weird talking, and she would wonder what was even happening inside the trailers. “What the heck are they doing?” she would think.


“Oh, that!” as Raj laughs and pull out a video on his phone. As scandalous as it might sound, it was actually quite innocent. Raj shows Namrata some funny videos that he and Nargis have been making while waiting for the sets to be ready. They are also using Instagram and Snapchat filters for these videos that they have been making during while waiting for sets to change. Apparently Rajkummar Rao’s girlfriend Patralekha is a great fan of ‘Raj & Narj’ and the 5 WEDDINGS duo have been sharing these ‘Raj & Narj’ videos with her.

“One day Raj is showing me pictures of his beautiful girlfriend – Patralekha – and I’m like ‘Wow, you must really love her’. He responds ‘She’s the love of my life,’ to which I amusingly reply, ‘Ok but then what are those strange talks between you and Nargis when I come into your cubbies,” recalls Namrata.