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Dia Mirza never had to try hard to look beautiful...she is, in every sense, a true-blue Bollywood beauty. But now she is all set to shed her 'girl-next-door' image and spot a 'sensuous siren' look for her film ACID FACTORY. The actor chats up with our correspondent before her ramp walk at Seagram's Blender's Pride 50 Day Magical Nights tour in Kolkata

Your 'sexy siren' look in ACID FACTORY is already creating waves. Did you go for a look change just for the film or because it was a conscious effort?
It's purely for the sake of the film...for the first time I am playing a terrorist and for that I really had to work hard on my body. My look in the film is not just that of a sexy lady, but it's a sensuous yet sophisticated look of a woman who is confident and defiant.

You said you had to work hard to get D-look for the film. Can you detail on that?
(Smiles) I am under vigorous training since January 2008. Every day I have to get up at 6am
'I am a good-looking girl with brains.'

and start working on my cardio and abs. Then there is a special punch training...its block exercising that generally athletes do.

Are you cool with it...especially because till now, we know Dia as a 'perfect lady'?
I know...and honestly speaking even I was a bit apprehensive about donning this tomboy attitude. But now I am enjoying every bit of it. I have hurt myself several times during my training sessions. But even pain is pleasant when you are really enjoying yourself.

Do you want to continue with this 'tough' look even after the filming is over?
I am yet to decide on that...may be I will carry the look but cut a bit on the training part.

What style do you prefer to wear off-screen?
I don't prefer to wear a garment that I can't relate to, just because it is in fashion. I always prefer to maintain a cool, casual and comfortable look off-screen, except when attending social functions. I am very happy with my white shirt and a pair of blue denims.

Apart from shirt and denim, what other dresses you like to wear?
I love wearing western outfits, especially short dresses. These dresses remind me of my childhood days.


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Are you a make-up person?
After spending hours wearing make-up under the strong lights during shooting, I generally am left with no energy to put them on when at home or hanging around with friends.

What if your make-up man asks you to pick just three items for a shoot?
I will choose Kajal, lipstick and eye-liner or nail polish.

Which accessories do you prefer most?
I am crazy about perfumes. I like Ralph Loren perfumes and Yves Saint Laurent's Baby Doll Perfume for Women. And I love Marie Claire wardrobe is literally overflowing with them. There is a peach-coloured high heel shoe studded with a precious stone...that's my favourite among the lot.

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Don't you enjoy wearing jewellery?
Not much...I try to avoid heavy traditional jewellery, but I'm cool with light ones. My mother gave me a pair of gold earrings when I was in my teens...I treasure that.

Are you aware of what people talks about your looks?
What do they say?

That you are sexy, beautiful...
They say the same for every actor.

Yes, my question is, what do you think about yourself?
Hmmm...I am a good-looking girl with brains (laughs).

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