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view ACID FACTORY videos

view ACID FACTORY videos

Dia Mirza is keeping her fingers crossed for her film ACID FACTORY slated for October 9th release. During her breezy visit in Kolkata, she tells our correspondent that Bollywood is not easy to handle.

We heard you have literally put heart into ACID FACTORY...
In fact, why only heart? I put my heart, head, eyes, short, I put my entire being into ACID FACTORY. This film is really important for me.

Why? Just for the sake of box office?
Yes; but not only box office. For the first time I have tried to break away from my image of an all-virtuous Bollywood heroine and experimented with greyer shades.

"Everyone thinks I am too sweet to bitch..."

Don't you think it's a risk too early in your career?

I don't think so. Bollywood is not easy to handle whether you are in the beginning or the middle of your career. As long as you can deliver the best, you are there. And to be there, you have to take risks of experimenting with different genres. As it is, a blue-blood actor must be able to handle all types of roles with equal it a romantic one, or dancing around trees or playing a terrorist.

You worked really hard on your physique for ACID FACTORY...
Know what, I was not an original choice for this film. Producer-writer Sanjay Gupta always perceived me as someone who is all sweetness; in fact, everyone thinks I am too sweet to bitch or to play a bitch. So Sanjay was a bit unsure about casting me in the film, especially because it is one woman versus six men...she has to be strong and at par with the men. But I went mad for this role and worked out like crazy on my physique and looks, at the same time setting my mindset for this character. And finally, he was convinced. In fact, he was a little taken aback when he saw the change in the 'sweet and angelic' Dia (laughs).

You have done the stunts in the film yourself?
Yes. I didn't take a body double. I did all the stunts myself. They were not easy; at times, really painful. But at the end of the day, I felt the six months of rigorous training and the entire struggle is worth enough.

Tell us about your hot look in the film.
Oh! For the first time in the 27 years of my life, I coloured my hair. I had to get a feminine yet toned body. The look is completely westernized. There are news that I have worn skimpiest outfits in the film. But this is not right. I haven't shown my skin but strength in this film. But, honestly speaking, I fell in love with my outfits in the film, especially a red gown. Not only my look, but all the actors have been styled up so differently that they add a new edge to the film. We recently walked the ramp in Kolkata at a fashion show arranged in our ACID FACTORY outfits and the public response was terrific.

How was to be the Queen Bee among six men?
Queen Bee? Really! (Giggles) We were a pack of different people. While Dino (Morea) is a complete fun-pack, Aftab (Shivdasani) is a bit reserved. Danny Sir is an institution and I learnt a lot from him on the sets. Irrfan (Khan), Manoj (Bajpai) and Fardeen (Khan) and I jelled like buddies during the making of the film.

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