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A Tete-a-tete with Keshav Prakash, the director of photography of the upcoming film AAO WISH KAREIN, starring Aftab Shivdasani and Aamna Shariff as leads.

AAO WISH KAREIN is being piped as a cute fairytale, so does it involve a lot of special effects?
AAO WISH KAREIN has no VFX except for a snow sequence; it's a fairy tale that's subtle and almost real to the extent that the viewer will become a part of it as the movie progresses. All imagery you see except the snow is real and virtually untouched. We have managed to capture the beauty of Manali and Shimla in all it's glory naturally.

Your debut film as the director of photography, How was it working with Glen and Aftab?
Glen is a fabulous narrator of stories and I was overwhelmed by this story in the very first sitting we had at the coffee shop at the Marriot. There has been no looking back since and have become good friends. Although this is Glen's first

'Aftab is technically much cued to all aspects of film-making.'

feature film as a Director, he helmed the role with great confidence and ease. We used to have brief but precise chat about scene coverage and post that Glen gave me a free hand to deliver what we discussed; it was wonderful working this way.

This is Aftab's first film as a producer and he's done a brilliant job wearing multiple hats. He has led by example to enjoy the process and ensured all of us were happy at every stage of the shoot and also during post production.

I have enjoyed working on AAO WISH KAREIN and have enjoyed getting to know Glen and Aftab.

view AAO WISH KAREIN videos

view AAO WISH KAREIN videos

The film has some wonderful songs, how did you go about executing its picturisation?
Glen and Longi, our choreographer, put in a lot of effort to make the songs as lively as possible. They worked hard to get the emotional content of the songs right and contain it within the purview of the story. Longi came up with impromptu moves and was as always full of ideas... Aamna, Aftab, Johnny Lever and other actors were very cooperative and more importantly were in genuinely happy moods always and this I think shows on screen and is the best part of the song.

We choose the best locations we could and the entire team including actors supported me by shooting at the right time of the day. We were also very particular to get blue skies in our shots; we had to be technically perfect to get this. We used a specialized software called 'Sun Path' to determine the exact position of the sun during various times of day and shot accordingly to give us the best sky light. By doing so we have managed to get the most out of the landscape and also got vibrant visuals. We also had a special 400-mm Tele lens made in France that would give us good contrast in our images; you will see a lot of splendid close-ups throughout the film.

How much was Aftab, as a producer, involved in the filming of AAO WISH KAREIN?
Aftab is technically much cued to all aspects of film-making. He has not only co-written the script and he has stayed with it through its entire journey up to the marketing stage including choosing the position where the first hoarding came up. He has a lovely sense of music and remained with us on sets from the start of shoot till pack up every single day even when he was not acting.

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