Interview : Kumar Mangat

Kumar MangatFrom star business manager to producer, Kumar Mangat has come a long way. His OMKARA catapulted him to the position of one of Bollywood's leading producers. He moved on and came up with one film after another in quick succession ? NO SMOKING, SUNDAY, ONE TWO THREE. And now he is all set for his next release HAAL-E-DIL, which sees the launch of his daughter Amita Pathak. Recently at the music launch of the film HAAL-E-DIL we caught up with the proud father Kumar Mangat. Here we present the excerpts.

This was your daughter Amita's first media appearance and interaction, how was the response?
Yes this was her first interaction with media. She is very happy with the kind of responses she's got. Many people from the industry have praised her work.

You have done many big films, but the music launch of HAAL-E-DIL seemed quite special to you, you got emotional?
Yes, I got emotional in the event. Various reasons attached to it. Firstly, I have worked passionately for this project and as I said I'm happy for my daughter's debut release. My dream has come true! I have put my best efforts for HAAL-E-DIL. When I work hard for anything it's like playing the last over of the game. I have to do the best.

You are counted as a high profile producer who stands as one of Bollywood's leading producers but still you chose newcomers to launch your daughter?
When I and director Anil Devgan heard the script, at that very time we made our minds to cast newcomers for the film. I didn't want to cast my daughter opposite any established image. An established star carries his past characters with him every time; hence we roped in newcomers for the movie.

Amita's preparation before getting into Bollywood?
Yes many a times she assisted in my work. She has also assisted director John Mathew Mathan in his films, worked as executive producer for OMKARA. She took an end to end interest for OMKARA. She grew interacting with stars and facing camera was no big deal for her. She has been there all the years and that has shaped her confidence. She was always comfortable dealing with actors since she has closely worked with Ajay Devgan, Bipasha, Shahid Kapoor, Amrita Rao and many others.

How was her experience dealing with newcomers in the movie?
Very good. They gel well. All the three actors have worked very hard. They used to rehearse together. In fact they have now become good friends.

Visually the film is looking quite appealing!
We have taken care of each and every shot of the film. We made it a point to make it look as perfect as possible. In fact we re-shot the scenes wherever required. We did it again. We have put our labours well and we expect good results out of it. All three actors have put in their best efforts. In coming days people will identify with the movie and we expect they will well receive our work.

The music and the look of the film are excellent. People will love it. The entire film is very well made.

Were you over-protective towards your daughter on sets?
No, not at all. She is smart enough to carry herself and handle her work. I never had to interfere. I used to be hardly on sets. There was an equal treatment with all the people related to the movie. In fact Amita received a more severe treatment. She is a well-behaved girl and never threw attitude towards people.

Do you think love story is an ideal formula to launch any newcomer?
Making a family drama or a costume drama may require a particular image to carry the film. But, Love is a language that identifies with youth immediately.

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