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Nakuul Mehta, a descendent from the Royal family of Rajasthan, is making his debut in the film industry with Kumar Mangat's production HAAL-E-DIL. Though this green eyed charmer is a newcomer in Bollywood but he has always been part of the showbiz, he did almost 50 commercials for top brands as well as leads in music video before getting into films. Not only this, but to hone up his acting skills he even did theatres. Let's know it from him how excited he is for his new film

Excited or nervous? Your expectations
Yes very much excited. I expect that people should like the film. I expect industry accepts me and well regard my work. At the moment I am very much anxious as to how audience will react. I am much more concerned about their response towards my work.

Throw us some light on your character?
I am playing a 24 year guy Shekhar who loves music. He's mischievous mind accompanied by a big mouth. For him music is passion. He is happy go lucky person very flamboyant whom all girls love to be with. He is always a centre of attraction. Very immature who makes mistakes, so many goof ups! Till the time he falls for Sanjana (Amita). And than how his life changes suddenly, He enters into absolute matured zone of life from his absolute frivolity. Now he has only two passion in life one to be a great musician and other one Sanjana.

And how close are 'Shekhar' and Nakuul?
(Laughs) I can say I am partly like Shekhar.

Right from day one people have been addressing you as a Hrithik look alike. What do you have to say about this?
(Expresses amusement) Oh! That's a compliment for me if people really think so. I am thankful to them but I would want people to know me as Nakuul. And am sure they will once the film releases, they will identify me as Nakuul. I have just begun my career and long way to go. I want to create my own identity. Let industry know me as Nakuul.

Today Bollywood is seeing lot of newcomers and very few of them make it. A few are lucky like you to get a chance to work with big banners. How do you feel about it?
Yes, I am fortunate enough to start my career with Kumar Mangatji. There are thousands in market even better looking than me who crave to get associated with such banners. But even I have sort of prepared myself, I did commercials, theaters. And today I stand here. I am very happy about it.

Was it easy to bag HAAL-E-DIL?
Not really. 5000 auditions happened all over. They were looking for a bubbly looking effervescent guy who fits the character well. A lover boy kind of guy. Even I was put through an extensive audition for 4 long hours. It was not easy but I was confident enough about myself. There were many offers on my way before HAAL-E-DIL but nothing excited me to be part of it than HAAL-E-DIL.

Before getting into films you did theatres, did it help you? How?

A lot, A lot. Normally people join acting classes before getting into films but I did theatres and that helped me a lot. It gave the practical exposure about acting. In fact I would suggest all those aspiring actors to join theatres. People constantly ask me how I got to prepare myself. I always reply that theatres give a good platform join theatres. Theatres have been my training school for big screen.

How did you prepare yourself for Shekhar?
I was asked to loose muscles, loose weight. As my director wanted very innocent looking, simple guy. I learnt guitar as per my character ?Shekhar' I and Amita also attended extensive workshop for 6 months.

Your experience working with your co-stars Amita Pathak and Adhyayan Suman?
Fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment. There were never any ego clashes between us. Infact it was more of a combined effort. We share a good rapport. Though I hardly shared screen space with Adhyayan but it was really great working with him too.

The script of the film which is very refreshing one. The music is really good; it is topping the charts these days. Infact music plays an important role for any movie. It is like half battle won.

Future projects?
I haven't signed any film as yet except Kumar Mangat's next. As of now I am still reading few scripts.

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