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Rozza CatalanoAfter gyrating to the sizzling ?Jaane Kyun? in Samar Khan?s SHAURYA, Rozza Catalano is now gearing up to set the screen ablaze in Parto Ghosh?s EK SECOND JO ZINDAGI BADAL DE. On the personal front, there has been considerable speculation and fabrication about her equation with Saif Ali Khan ever since their relationship soured. Rozza Catalano in a freewheeling chat on Saif, her preoccupation with India and more?

A brief introduction of your background?
We hail from the South coast in Italy. We are four siblings- My brother Gioele, sisters Contessa and Dalia, myself and my parents of course. My family moved to Switzerland before I was born and they wanted to move back to Italy but it never happened due to our education, friends and other commitments. I?ve done various print and television ads (international and Indian). ?Seagram? is one of the brands I worked with.

What got you to India? What fascinates you about India? Are you happy here?
I came to India with Saif Ali Khan. It was very challenging to come to India and stay back here. I am a traditional person with a strong sense of family values. My family used to dine together and we would say our prayers before every meal. I was drawn to the Indian culture and its strong value system. I thought I was patient but I have learnt to be far more patient than I ever thought I could be. India is all about acceptance.

You came to India as Saif Ali Khan?s girlfriend. How do you look back at this episode?
I met Saif Ali Khan in Kenya. I was in Kenya for about 6 years for my social work projects. That?s when we first met and I decided to move to India. As I?ve always maintained, I am a real person. I don't have any expectations from people. People come and go and that really doesn't make any difference to one?s life. When I landed in India, I knew a few people and I still know them. I look for people who are genuine and I have known them since I have arrived and these are the real people who care for me and are still with me. I rather know genuine people than fake ones.

Are you learning Hindi?
Thoda Thoda.

Do you enjoy the Indian cuisine?

Indian cuisine is my favourite. I like kali daal and naan and drool over masala dosa. I come from the Calabria region which is known for chilies. I thoroughly enjoyed my mom?s lip smacking spicy food, so in that respect, I love the spicy Indian cuisine. My mom also made the best pasta and lasagna. I also relish Thai and Chinese cuisine.

What?s happening on the professional front?
I am looking forward to Partho Ghosh?s EK SECOND JO ZINDAGI BADAL DE co-starring Jackie Shroff and Manisha Koirala. It?s a family story about values, karma and the ?present?.

Tell us about the reality dance show Yeh Hai Jalwa?
Yeh Hai Jalwa marks my debut on television. I am really excited about the show and my team. There are common people from different walks of life. My team has five very hard working members and they are as excited to perform for the first time on television.

What prompted you to be a part of it and how did it happen?
The channel 9X approached me for the show. I loved the concept and that is what got me hooked on this show. The whole idea of it being a dance show and audience deciding on the results is very challenging. Earlier I used to tell my sister that there are hardly any places in Mumbai to dance, but today I am dancing everyday for Yeh Hai Jalwa and that makes me happy.

What do you do in your spare time?
There are so many things that I like to do. I like to be alone, spend quality time with myself either playing the guitar or writing poems. I enjoy dancing; reading spiritual books but I don't enjoy horror, action or romance. I like reading books that spell humor. I love sports and I am training with my master on martial arts at the moment. I am quite an outdoor person and I enjoy ice skating and skiing.

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