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Rupam IslamHe is a rock star in its truest sense. One of the superheroes of Bengali rock, the lead singer-composer-lyricist of popular Bangla band ?Fossils', Rupam Islam is all set to make his debut as a singer-performer in Mukesh Bhatt's forthcoming Emraan Hashmi-starrer JANNAT. Sreya Basu catches up with Rupam in Kolkata to speak on JANNAT experience?

How did JANNAT happen?
Music composer Pritam had earlier approached me to sing for Anurag Basu's film METRO. Since Pritam was planning to continue the Metro Band even after the film was made, he asked me to leave ?Fossils'. This was and is impossible for me-Fossils is my passion and inspiration for my songs and singing. Besides I am what I am because of Fossils. Later he asked me to re-record my popular song ?Hasnuhana' in Hindi. But that too was postponed due to some technical problems. It was the third time that I got a chance to work with Pritam and the rest fell into place by itself.

Tell us about the song that you have sung in the film.
The song ?Jannat Jahan' is my debut as a playback singer in a Hindi film. It is the first hard rock number to be used in a Bollywood flick. Pritam strongly believed that I am the best person who can do justice to the song.

What is special about this song?
The song has a strong negative philosophy and that is what attracted me to it. It says money is heaven. In my Bengali song Bicycle Chor (Bicycle Thief) I wrote now-a-days stepping into teens means a time to decide whether one will become a murderer or a thief. This is the philosophy that runs today's world. Money is the key factor of life and it does not matter how one earns it. The story of the film revolves around cricket betting and match fixing. Hence the song acts as a perfect backdrop for the film.

Why have the song re-recorded in Bengali?
The Hindi version of the song was recorded on October 28 last year at Krishna Studio and Lakhdewalas studio. After the song was released the response of the song was so overwhelming that the producer of the film, Mukesh Bhatt called me up and asked me to record a Bengali version of the song as well. I immediately penned the song, took the next flight to Mumbai and recorded the song in March.

You have featured in the video of the song as well?
Yes. This is my gift to my fans for their constant support and encouragement since Day 1 of Fossils. The song was shot in chroma (Chorma key is a technology for mixing two images) at Madh Islands. I will be seen in my signature style with clipping from the film supplementing the video. This is the first Bengali song to be used for the promotion of a Hindi film. The song will be aired soon.

Are you thinking of taking up Hindi playback singing after the success of this song?
If I get a chance then why not. As it is among the Bengali band singers I have done the maximum number of playback singing in Bengali films, namely PIYALIR PASSWORD, CHOLO LET'S GO, KANCHAN BABU and JIYO KAKA. But as for Bollywood, unfortunately no one but Pritam has approached me so far. He is eager to work with me in near future as well. But Fossils will always be my priority.

What are your forthcoming projects?
Right now I am busy with my next Fossils album that will release during the Pujas.

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