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A lot is happening in Shilpa Shetty's life. After 'looting' UP-Bihar, she is all set to win over South Africa on the second season of IPL. On the other hand, she has finally made her relationship with Raj Kundra official. Our correspondent caught up with the 'happening' Shetty to dig further into the latest developments.

IPL-II has just started. But let's not talk about who will win and who won't. Just tell us, what is more difficult-being a Bollywood actor, or the 'Queen' of Rajasthan Royals?
Queen! Sounds so majestically good (giggles) believe me, I never thought this way... I always enjoy multi-tasking and being a part of Rajasthan Royals is completely a new experience for me and I am loving every bit of it. As for my actor part, now-a-days I really don't have to grind myself for acting... after all experience bhi toh koi cheez hoti hai!

Why did you and Raj Kundra jointly buy 11.7% stake of Rajasthan Royals?
Because it was a joint decision and then during recession time ek se bhale do (laughs).

'Raj is the man for me...'

Your fellow actors Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta are also in IPL. How different is this competition from the one in Bollywood?

There had never been any competition with Shah Rukh or Preity inside Bollywood. And as for the fight over IPL, there is hardly a chance, because the real competition is among the players. And by the way, do I look like a quarrelsome person?

Were you always interested in sports?
Of late, yes. In fact, this Twenty20 thing is a very novel and interesting idea.

You have also started a spa in Mumbai?
Yes, I have started a medispa called Iosis in partnership with a dear friend of mine. I am particularly fond of beauty therapies and always wanted to set up a spa that would be different from others. In my spa you will find facilities, services and equipment that are not available at regular ones.

view THE DESIRE movie stills

view THE DESIRE movie stills

What about you favourite indulgence-yoga?
Of course, there are facilities for yoga in my spa. And, we are also offering Reiki-that is also very effective.

And, what's happening in the film front?
At the moment, there are two films - R. Sarath's THE DESIRE, and Sunny Deol's THE MAN. In THE DESIRE, I play an Odissi dancer and in THE MAN, I play a violin expert.

Did you actually learn Odissi dancer for THE DESIRE?
I underwent rigorous training for weeks for the role. Not only for THE DESIRE, I had to do my homework for THE MAN too. I had to learn how to play violin to make my character look real. And trust me; violin is the most difficult instrument to play.

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Amid all these, do you find time for yourself?
Well, it's true that I always run short of time. But as far as I am enjoying my work, it's all right.

Finally, you made your relationship with Raj Kundra official. How true is the news that you two are getting married this October?
See, this is too personal for me to discuss on record. But yes, Raj is the man for me and I am very happy that I have finally made the right choice. He has brought back peace in my life. As for the marriage part, I myself didn't know that I am getting married this October. I will definitely get married and that too to Raj, but when, that we are yet to decide.

You have bought a house in London. So, after marriage you will be leaving Bollywood and settle there?
That's too early to tell.

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