Interview : Shilpa Shetty

Ruhail Amin By Ruhail Amin | 22 Oct 2011 11:17:28.1070000 IST

'Bigg Boss contestants are too pampered than Big Brother'

Shilpa Shetty might not be making frequent public appearances but the actress is as busy as she was during the peak days of her acting career. With many businesses and few new plans lined up, we caught up with the actress in an exclusive chat to talk about her current phase and much more. Read on.

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view SHILPA SHETTY picture gallery

We don't see you making many public appearances, what keeps you occupied currently?
I am on a sabbatical right now and it is a total bliss time for me. I am very happy in this phase of my life. Though I may not be making many public appearances but there are many things that keep me occupied all the time. Even after making my dreams a reality and having achieved what I always wanted, I still have many more things on my action list. As soon as my sabbatical gets over, I would be back to the busy life that I have always loved to live.

We have been hearing a lot about your film production plans. What is the latest on that front?
I feel there is a right time for everything. I don't do things for the sake of doing them; it has to make sense to me. Talking about film production, there is a surprise announcement which I will make soon. I can't tell you the details at this moment but all I can say is that I am getting into film production in a big way.

How do you react to the media reports concerning your private life?
I would be lying if I said it does not bother me to read baseless stories that get published and reported in the media. Though, I understand that all this is part of being a public figure but when such stories get too interfering it does bother me.

How do you look at the two decades in Bollywood that you have been around?

To be honest, it feels like a fairy tale. I have so much to thank and I have got things beyond what I had thought. It feels so special at times. I feel blessed. I cherish every moment my journey in Bollywood. Those who know me personally will tell you how simple I am in my real life. I still love to cook food, spend time with my loved ones and behave like a total homely girl. I come from a middle class background and that has stayed with me. I take life as it comes and I am never bothered by the ups and downs in life.

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download SHILPA SHETTY wallpapers

Tell us about your real estate venture.
With the rising real estate prices, we have decided to provide affordable homes to people through our real estate venture. We will be soon starting with this project which is one its first kinds in the private sector.

What is your take on the current Bigg Boss show?
I think the Bigg Boss contestants are having an easy time compared to what the Big Brother experience was. In our case we had to even earn our food. On the other hand our Bigg Boss contestants are so pampered in comparison.