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Sampurn By Sampurn | 19 Feb 2009 00:00:00 IST

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view DELHI 6 videos

DELHI 6 premiere takes place in (where else) Delhi today and Sonam Kapoor would be walking the red carpet (yet again) close to one a half years after the release of SAAWARIYA. We caught up with the actor and spoke to her about her confidence level post SAAWARIYA, her current favorite film (DEV D) and of course her definite image change (courtesy her 'bindaas' photo shoots). Over to Sonam:

After SAAWARIYA, how confident are you about DELHI 6?
Shall I tell you something; you never know about audience's likes or dislikes. Seriously, it is such an unknown thing. You can't make out what is going to happen next and nothing is a given here. You never know what's going to work at the box office and what's not. So I am just keeping my fingers crossed.

"The problem with me is that I have a short attention span."

Any recent release where it's box office performance surprised you?

Look at DEV D. Yes, it's a well made film but the way it has worked with the audience is astonishing. In fact people are asking that 'How did DEV D run so well; yaar yeh picture kaise chali itni?' Sometimes pulse of the audience is different and you never know what they want at that point in time. Ultimately, you can just work hard on a project, pray that everything fits into the right place and then just look forward to the Friday.

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But what was so surprising about DEV D for you?
The budget factor. Some people have all the resources in the world due to which they can hire the best technicians and the works. It can be so easy for them to make a good film then. But think about a movie where you just have a small budget at disposal; something like in case of DEV D. Still, the makers have made it such a visually spectacular fare. This is what really impressed me. I really loved DEV D and enjoyed it immensely.

Talking about your world outside movies, over the year gone by, you have been a part of numerous photo shoots and also given a number of quotable quotes. Some image changing effort here?
No, not at all in fact. I am what I am and I can't change that aspect of me because I have always been like that. Also, if even if I try to be something that I am not in real life, how long would I be able to sustain that? After all how long can one lie; it is impossible to do that. The problem with me is that I have a short attention span. I can't repeat things because it is impossible for me to be like that. I guess the only thing permanent is change and that's the philosophy that I adopt in my life. This is why you are seeing me do different things today.

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So what do you intend to be in real life?
To grow up as a better human being and be a better person. Three things are most important for me - a) integrity, b) doing the right thing and c) being honest. I have to definitely follow these three things in my life otherwise what's the point of living. You may just end up being a cardboard, that's it!

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