Irrfan Khan opens up on friend SRK

A friend in need is a friend indeed... we all know and recently a section of media in their over enthusiasm floated a rumour speculating that King Khan Shah Rukh Khan rushed to actor Irrfan Khan’s residence to meet him before he left for his treatment. SRK spent almost two hours with Irrfan's family, and before leaving he surprised Irrfan by giving him the keys to his London house so that his family could feel at home during the treatment.
It’s a known fact that Irrfan and SRK share a special bond since BILLU. However Irrfan Khan has denied such incident and made his stand clear on the ongoing episode regarding his meeting with SRK.
Opening up on the issue, the actor who is bravely fighting his illness issued a statement from his spoke person which reads, “The story floating around of Shahrukh and Irrfan is a fragment of imagination of some individual who has whipped out the story through their unreliable sources. It has no truth to it”.
Phew… it turned out to be a figment of imagination from someone who tried to bank/cash on the fact that the duo is friends…
We wish Irrfan a very speedy recovery and hope rumours get ‘well’ soon…