Is Imran repeating himself in EMAET?

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 09 Jan 2012 19:21:05.8400000 IST

view EK MAIN AUR EKK TU stills
view EK MAIN AUR EKK TU stills

It is a known fact that Imran Khan has played an urban character way too often in recent times, be it MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN, I HATE LUV STORYS, BREAK KE BAAD or DELHI BELLY. Now that the promos of EK MAIN AUR EKK TU are on, it is yet again visible that Imran is getting into the urban milieu all over again. In that case has it been ensured that the actor comes across as a different character in this newest outing produced by Karan Johar?

Shakun Batra, the film's director, defends, "There is a difference. In DELHI BELLY he was someone who was staying in a small house and didn't mind being messy. On the other hand his background is very different in EK MAIN AUR EKK TU as here he is someone who is quite obsessive about his surroundings. He is bit stiff in the film and that brings in a different arc to his performance when compared to a DELHI BELLY where he was a little goofy. Even in I HATE LUV STORYS and MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN, he was playing this cool guy whereas in EK MAIN AUR EKK TU, he is slightly reserved and a typical South Bombay guy."

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What has stayed consistent in most of his recent films is that Imran has more or less played his real self by basically bringing in different variations depending upon the background and setting of a character. Doesn't that pose a risk of someone getting a tad too relaxed and in the process also overboard?

Shakun nods in agreement here, "Yes, I understand it is a tricky situation when the setting becomes way too familiar for an actor. He may also end up playing it too normal. To ensure that didn't happen, Imran and I used to sit together every now and then to ensure that things were played on well. The fact that everything came quite naturally to him was great but at the end of the day, we do realize that a film is being made for a wide segment of audience. We couldn't afford to relax."

A Karan Johar production, EK MAIN AUR EKK TU releases all over on 10th February.