Will MANIKARNIKA be a par with period drama PADMAAVAT?

Period movies have always been very fascinating and highly anticipating but also they have landed up in hot water. Over the years Bollywood has seen certain movies that hooked up the interest with their outrageous content. 2018 began with a magnum opus film PADMAAVAT, though it did stumble upon tons of obstacles and threats, it carved its way out to prove a mega-blockbuster. While the film garnered wide appreciation and rave reviews from the audience, it has been one of the finest period movies. In a yet another race, film MANIKARNIKA: THE QUEEN OF JHANSI has locked attention as it traces the life of the Royal Jhansi queen Rani Laxmibai. So again its the queen who will conquer the silver screen and may create a history at the box office.

Followed by PADMAAVAT, MANIKARNIKA too landed up in few controversies for its certain scenes that had spread out, which were later refuted by the filmmakers. Fictionalizing historic era on the screen eventually result with a dark side, however, the movies make their cut and make the most of it at the box office. It requires a lot of efforts in both ways monetarily and creatively to showcase the chronicles on the big screen.

As Bollywood Queen Kangana Ranaut is set to launch her most ambitious trailer of MANIKARNIKA today in just a couple of hours, we just make a list of the expectations associated with the grand launch. Will it be at par with Deepika Padukone’s magnum opus PADMAAVAT?

Impact and relevance: PADMAAVAT undoubtedly had made a long lasting impact on the viewers and critics ever since it was announced and the controversies had even more intrigued the audience to watch it. The film took over the audience as there had been no such grand film earlier based on the Chittor Queen Padmavati, so viewers got to explore many facts through the film. Whereas there have been films based on Rani Laxm Bai, MANIKARNIKA has hooked even more attention with the actors, teasers and promos. So the film appears to be a competition for PADMAAVAT.

Stay tuned for our exclusive review of the trailer soon.

Grandiosity: The level of grandeur decides the interest level for a film. PADMAAVAT had left no chances to boast the presence of the film, and now MANIKARNIKA too is in the race as coincidentally the film is releasing on the day PADMAAVAT had released the last year i.e. on 25th January. Deepika Padukone slayed as the fearless queen royally at the box office, and now Kangana is all set to blast the box office with her fierce and power.

Movie set and period depiction: Replicating the palaces, forts and war zones is the main focus point to make the film even more appealing to the eyes. Sanjay Leela Bhansali had placed a royal vision exactly like a dream to us and depicted the history perfectly, however, it landed up in a heck of controversies but still proved a hit. MANIKARNIKA too appeared appealing in the teaser and hopefully it may attract the audience.

Costume: Presenting the Indian historic era on the screen is not an easy task. bringing back the prehistoric attires for the characters adds more interest in the film. Apart from looks, Kangana's costumes promise more authenticity to the period and help paint the fierce of warrior queen. Not just the lead, but the other characters too have donned gracious costumes to glorify their looks. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh too were praised for their heavy costumes embroidered with gems and jaw drop designs.

Looks: Kangana Ranaut outshines in the royal Jhansi queen avatar as her looks had left everyone stunned the moment they had surfaced on the internet. Kangana who also rules Bollywood as a queen proves a tough competition to Deepika Padukone's grand look in PADMAAVAT. Deepika's unibrow was the centre of attraction while Kangana carries the spark of strength and a mother in her eyes. Though both actress' shade a different epic but the race for the charisma has always been on the lines.