Is Mahie Gill targeting only adult films?

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 10 Oct 2011 11:19:25.0570000 IST

Guess adult subjects seem to be enticing Mahie Gill most. Her SAHEB, BIWI AUR GANGSTER has managed to score reasonably well at the box office and also found some good recognition coming her way all over again. This is pretty much like a cherry on the cake for Mahie because it was just a few weeks back when she was seen stepping into the shoes of Maria for another adult film-NOT A LOVE STORY.

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download MAHIE GILL wallpapers

Says a source, "The film made a lot of noise, was well directed but disappeared without making much of an impression. Though the film wasn't a commercial success, it again showcased that just like Vidya Balan, here was one more woman who was least conscious about her sexuality and could ignite heat without going vulgar. Her choice of films is indeed bold and one can well expect her to push the envelope further in years to come."

However one wonders whether Mahie is going by her impulses when it comes to consenting to a film or is it her conscious choice to do films like NOT A LOVE STORY and SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER.

"I have no regrets," she says with a straight face, "I have been a big fan of Ramu and have loved his films like RANGEELA, SATYA, COMPANY and even last year's release RANN. Ever since the time he had launched his production house FACTORY, I wanted to work for him. When NOT A LOVE STORY came my way, I didn't even blink an eyelid. Same for SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER since the film's script was so powerful. I have worked with Tigmanshu Dhulia before on PAAN SINGH TOMAR and know what he is capable of making."

As for her choice of films, she says that it isn't a conscious decision to work in only adult films.

"Well, you will see a different side of my persona in films like PAAN SINGH TOMAR, MICHAEL and BUDDHA IN A TRAFFIC JAM," smiles Mahie before signing off.