Isha Koppikar: I am a warrior at heart

Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 25 Aug 2011 18:40:45.9770000 IST

Bollywood actor Isha Koppikar Narang is going through varied emotions as her film SHABRI is finally seeing the light of the day. On one side she is angry with
producer Ram Gopal Varma for delaying the film for reasons unknown than on other side she is mighty excited and nervous about her film.

Says Isha, "Yes I am upset with RGV for delaying the film for so long but now I am happy as the film is releasing. It's a lifetime role. Any heroine would want to give
her shot. Such kind of roles are not sketched for heroines it's normally for heroes. And rarely do we see a solo heroine poster. So it feels great to have done a film
like SHABRI. It feels good but I am nervous too."

view SHABRI stills
view SHABRI stills

While the mythological character Shabri was known for her patience and eternal tolerance, this SHABRI doesn't appear to be the one who will take everything in her stride rather believes in hitting back if required. However, Isha taking her character's side puts, "She is not somebody who just goes on a spree to kill people and becomes a gangster overnight. It's only in an event to save her family she becomes a gangster. She has latent aggression and mostly speaks through her eyes. It's a story of every girl."

Ask her if SHABRI is on the lines of MOTHER INDIA and CHANDNI BAR and she says, "You can relate to the pain but the characters are all different.' However, the underlying message is same. 'Every woman has a man inside her. So you never know when that man comes out," says the beautiful actress.


This is not the first time the lady will be seen in action. Earlier also Isha charmed us with her action avatar (KYA KOOL HAI HUM, QAYAMAT) as such roles excites the feisty lady, "I am a warrior at heart. I like to do all these kind of films which have action, little spunk and where the woman is in control.' However after working in the film like SHABRI Isha has learnt the art of patience "SHABRI taught me lot of patience," says Isha.

The go-getter actress, Isha admires SHABRI's director Lalit Marathe's passion for work and can't stop raving about him, "He is very focused and intelligent director. I like passionate people. It can do magic and wonders."

Isha is so much in awe of the film SHABRI that she would love to die as SHABRI. "I am so much in love with the character I think I'll die as Shabri and would love to do as many sequels ...After SHABRI I have decided to do more meaningful roles."

Ask her if she has any plans to show the film to her husband and she says, 'He has already seen it and loved it also. He said, 'I don't know whether the film does well or not but you are a superstar with this film.", "says Isha.

Directed by Lalit Marathe, SHABRI releases on 26th August 2011.