Ishita Ganguly's eerie experience on the sets

Ishita Ganguly

Colors’ recently launched horror show KAUN HAI promises to spook viewers with its interesting storyline and shocking twists. In an upcoming episode, popular television actress Ishita Ganguly has been roped in to play the role of the protagonist - Raisa, a journalist.

The story revolves around a vampire (Ankit Arora) who believes that Raisa is his long lost love and how he wants to win her back. The story further chronicles Raisa’s struggle to escape his fearful captivity. The episode was shot during the nights in a deserted haveli. Ishita Ganguly was scared to shoot after a couple of days as she felt someone was watching her despite no one being in the proximity around her. A source tells us that one such location of the set also had to be changed because of the mysterious electrical failure in that particular part that was constantly disrupting the shoot.

A source from the sets said, “Ishita got a little perplexed after shooting for a day or two. She felt that someone was watching over her constantly. She even refused to shoot during the night in the haveli as she was afraid of that area being haunted. But with all of us supporting her, we managed to finish the shoot.”

For all you horror fans out there, we are sure this episode is sure to run shivers down your spine.