It is a great feeling to be back on stage: Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran

Versatile actress Sudha Chandran is back on stage with a play titled Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye, directed by Raman Kumar. Sudha is making her stage comeback after almost a decade. She has done many plays in the past. Speaking on her latest play she says, “It is a great feeling to be back on stage. I have done Hindi and Gujrathi play in the past. My currently Hindi play is titled Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye which is directed by the eminent director of television shows and films Raman Kumar. The reason behind my doing this play is the role which I am playing - a character called Sagarika Khurana, a successful actress of her time, who still has a lot of fans and admirers. Her husband used to be a successful filmmaker who actually promoted and made her and now he is no more. Sagarika has a daughter who is married and thinks her mother is responsible of her father’s death.” 

She adds, “The play is based on the ideological differences between a mother and her daughter. It also has many cute and sweet emotions.” 

The play has actors like Avtar Gill, Paintal, Ravi Gossain and Ridheema Bedi. 

Meanwhile, Sudha says that she missed being on the stage. “Being a dancer, I have started my career with the stage. For me, it’s a great kick to be back in front of a live audience. I just love the one to one interaction with the audience and that’s the connect we miss on television and films. This connection happens when you perform with a lot of conviction and people react exactly the way you emote on stage,” she says. 

The actor says that she has learnt a lot from theatre. “On stage, our dictions and performances are corrected all the time. Your entry, exit, everything is accurate. I feel for an actor doing stage is like a rapid-fire test.  Your memory has to be so strong, you have to be sharp enough to carry on with your scene, even if you are lost somewhere. Even if you are using props and sometime when the props are not available and then you need to construct the scene without the audience knowing about it. I think it needs a lot of stamina,” she says. 

Money has been not very attractive in plays. Ask her if she agrees with this, and she says, “Maybe there used be a time when money was a factor but not now. If you ask me, I am not doing theatre for money. It is for my creative satisfaction and my dedication towards the craft. It’s been three decades since I have been part of the industry and I still have the professionalism and enthusiasm to stand and perform for more than two hours on stage.” 

Interestingly, Sudha Chandran will be seen dancing in the play.  “Yes, this is the first time I will be dancing in a play as my character is of a dancer-turned-actress. It’s a beautiful feeling. I am excited to dance and act at the same time.”