It took 3 years & 15 drafts to finalize DELHI BELLY

Ruhail Amin By Ruhail Amin | 28 Jun 2011 16:57:46.4730000 IST

As the release date of the much talked about film DELHI BELLY comes closer, many little known facts about the movie are trickling in the open.

According to reliable sources, the script writer of DELHI BELLY had to compile 15 drafts before the movie went on the floor. It took him more than 3 years to finish writing the story.

view DELHI BELLY videos
view DELHI BELLY videos

Adds our source, "The makers of DELHI BELLY are of the opinion that this kind of cinema will usher in a new era of adult films that has never been explored before. So far the adult cinema in Bollywood has been attempted on cliched lines. DELHI BELLY tries to break free from that mold and bring in a culture of adult films that reflect the mood of the times and are not just narrated for mere titillation factor as was the trend before."

DELHI BELLY, which captures the life of contemporary youth in urban India, is set to hit theatres on the 1st of July.