It's Chunky Panday's first sequel

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 13 Jan 2012 19:53:22.8100000 IST

Chunky Panday, who is currently shooting for HOUSEFULL 2, plays the much appreciated character Akhri Pasta, once again for audience delight. Chunky Panday as one may recall has been a part of many successful movies. What makes HOUSEFULL 2 an exception is the fact that it will be his first sequel. Also Akhri Pasta remains the only character that is common between the HOUSEFULL and its sequel.

view CHUNKY PANDEY picture gallery
view CHUNKY PANDEY picture gallery

Chunky Panday and Sajid Khan have many things that are common between them including the fact that both of them are known for their comic timings. Chunky also agrees that he likes Sajid's sense of humour. Both of them not only share a common bond over comedy, but also appreciate each other's work.

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"Yes, HOUSEFULL 2 will be my first sequel. I and Sajid get along really well and I love his sense of humour. I'll also be a part of HOUSEFULL 3, if it is made," laughs Chunky.