Ek detective ki prem katha

Jack and Dil Movie Poster
Jack and Dil Movie Poster

The end credits of the movie proudly says, “ A movie by Sachin P. Karande and gang”  and somewhat answers the mystery behind this series of unbalance and disjointed affair which is everything but a feature film.

JACK AND DIL by Sachin P. Karande (forgettable VIKALP, PAYBACK – previous) is a robbery of your patience right from the start till the end. The movie is an example of how juvenile and sloppy can be an approach that desires to twine slice of life with a rom com.  

Adding more chutney and mirchi to the wounds is the fact that this yawnfest is written by the Sanjeev Dutta – the co writer of BARFI and LIFE IN A METRO.

We are introduced to an aspiring detective novelist Jack (what a name for a detective novelist) played by Amit Sadh. Now this Jack has broken up with his girlfriend Lara (Evelyn Sharma), a model. Lara has featured in perhaps the most intoxicating advertisement for a tea brand. The line of the commercial which is a forced item number modeled on those ‘dum maro’ numbers done by Deepika Padukone and Lisa Hayden. It will be an interesting case study to find out how many people are satisfied with just a tea after watching this ‘chuski’ song and how many people develop that uncontrollable urge to have something more stronger than tea…

Any ways, coming back to JACK AND DIL which fails in climbing up the hill even for a second, Jack is shown getting infatuated by a pet dog he sees on television. He is a detective novelist remember, so he finds the whereabouts of the pet and lands up at the residence of successful businessman Waalia (Arbaaz Khan). Obviously Jack cannot afford the price of that pet so he enters into an agreement with Waalia. Jack has to spy Waalia`s wife Shilpa (Sonal Chauhan), and come up with evidence, if convinced, Jack can have the pet and some money as well.

So awesome na!!, an opportunity to have pyaar, paisa and some adventure in one shot!!, Jack agrees and we are bombarded with some absurdly amateurish sequences that makes those brainless and pointless debates on television nowadays an act of well researched brilliance. Picture this.. Jack is spying Shilpa, from a distance ( he has been warned by shilpa to keep a distance in his spying activity a day before). After a while, Jack urges Shilpa to accompany him to a restaurant because he is hungry and yes the lady obliges. How can a lady urge a person who is spying on her to continue stalking/spying but by maintaining a distance and next day accompanies him for lunch?. Jack tells Waalia that his wife is having an affair with him and Waalia offers him a drink!!!?. There are many such sequences but we don,t want to act as spoilers and kill the interest of those who still are interested in watching JACK AND DIL.

Even the actors seemed to be unconvinced with the premise and we see them sleepwalking in the movie with zero enthusiasm. Arbaaz can hardly act, Amit Sadh is not excited, Sonal seems clueless.

The only plus in the movie are the production values and technical finesse, the songs are beautifully filmed, ‘chuski’ number may be out of place but its nicely done and yes Evelyn Sharma is true to her character, she steals your dil in this hack of a film.


Rating 1.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Director: Sachin P. Karande
  • Actor: Arbaaz Khan, Amit Sadh
  • Actress: Sonal Chauhan, Evelyn Sharma
  • Release Date : 02 Nov 2018
  • Movie Duration : 1 Hr, 38 Minutes