Jackie Chan finds Sylvester Stallone's replacement in this WWE superstar


Wrestling star and actor John Cena will replace star Sylvester Stallone in Jackie Chan's action-thriller PROJECT X.

Scott Waugh is directing it from a script by Arash Amel. The independent action-thriller PROJECT X is set at a Chinese-run oil refinery in the Middle East, reports variety.com.

Chan will portray a Chinese private security contractor who is tasked with extracting oil workers from a refinery that has been attacked. He teams up with a former US Marine (Cena) when he learns that the attackers' real plan is to steal the oil.

Chan will also produce PROJECT X along with Joe Tam, Esmond Ren and Hans Canosa.

Cena was last seen on-screen in BLOCKERS and will star in BUMBLEBEE and THE JANSON DIRECTIVE.