Jackman shares message for Krasinski, Reynolds after Twitter roast

Actor Hugh Jackman took the opportunity at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where he was being honoured, to take a dig at actors John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds.

Krasinski and Reynolds, in banter, had ganged up on Jackman on social media over the weekend after a photograph of the LOGAN star cozying up to Krasinski's actress-wife Emily Blunt at Variety's "Actors on Actors" event, reports variety.com.

"You gotta stay on your toes, John. That's all I'm saying," Jackman joked.

He went on to add that he would have no problem taking on Krasinski in a physical altercation if it came to that.

"I'm fine to fight John, but he arrived this morning at my front door with Ryan. I'm like, ‘Come on, guys. One at a time. Not together.'"

Jackman said that he might have acquired a taste for rabble-rousing.

"I'm really creating all these feuds. This mister nice guy image is over."

The initial spat occurred when the FRONT RUNNER star tweeted a photograph of himself with Blunt praising their conversation together for "Actors on Actors."

Krasinksi responded with another pic of the pair, in which Jackman was likely talking in Blunt's ear, writing: "Eeeeeeasy Hugh...not sure this is what Variety meant with Actors on Actors. Don't make me think I can hurt you."

Reynolds then piled on, tweeting: "This is a call to action. This man must be stopped."


The pair, who both play characters in the Marvel/X-MEN universe as Wolverine and Deadpool, have repeatedly engaged in good-natured smearing in an imitation of their on-screen personas.

Jackman and Reynolds, at least, have a history of ribbing each other online.